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Bushings - LORD Industrial Products

Bushings - LORD Industrial Products

Mid-Atlantic Rubber is your supplier for LORD Bushings used in applications that require shock absorption, noise attenuation and wear reduction without the use of lubrication.

Center-bonded bushings are designed to be loaded radially and utilize a soft torsional spring rate to provide freedom in rotation. High radial restraint maintains the alignment between joined parts. Applications include heavy duty highway equipment, drilling equipment, harvesters, combines and industrial machinery. 

Square-bonded bushings accommodate angular movement and isolate vibratory disturbances in heavy equipment. These bushings combine a torsional spring with an elastomeric pivot and isolator. Applications include wheel suspensions, vibratory feeders, mobile power equipment and vibratory cable layers.

  • Easy to install.
  • Uncomplicated design provides initial economy.
  • Rugged elastomers and high-strength bonding assure extended service life.
  • Minimal maintenance due to specially compounded elastomer.
Bushings - LORD Industrial Products

Solve a variety of
vibration, shock and
noise control problems

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Complete online catalog to assist in your selection of a LORD solution                    

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