About Mid Atlantic Rubber

Mid-Atlantic Rubber is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial rubber products.

We carry a collection of rubber grommets, bushings, bumpers, extrusions, vacuum products, mounts, seals, plugs, gaskets, die-cuts and a variety of other products. With our fully stocked warehouse and low-cost access to thousands of parts not in stock, we are confident that we will be able to meet virtually any customer’s need. Further, we are capable of manufacturing many products in-house, including custom die-cut commodities and lathe cut parts. Our clients range from the individual consumer to multi-million dollar industries. We pride ourselves on our fair prices and our punctual shipping, and we guarantee the quality of our products. For over 50 years we have dealt with satisfied customers from across the country.

Products in Stock

Standard grommets, compressor grommets, web grommets, custom grommets

Rubber Mounts:

Shock mounts, engine mounts (motor mounts), custom mounts


Rubber Seals:

Door seals, lid seals, custom seals

Washers and Spacers:

Sponge washers, sponge spacers, custom washers and spacers

standard plugs, grommet plugs, blind grommets, custom plugs


Rounded/flat edged bushings, rounded/flat shouldered bushings, custom bushings

Lab Stoppers:

One hole stoppers, two hole stoppers, custom stoppers

3m Bumpons


Grommet bumpers, recessed bumpers, stem bumpers, tack bumpers, custom bumpers
Rubber/Plastic Feet

Tubing and Molded Hoses

Tarp Straps

Vacuum Products and Suction Cups:

Single cup lifters, double cup lifters, grifters, grabbers, 2 finger grabbers, two-man vacuum lifters, straight handle lifters, verti lifters, replacement cups, carpet panel lifters, wall brackets


Rubber gaskets, sponge gaskets, flange gaskets, die-cut gaskets, custom gaskets

Tips and Caps:

Rubber and plastic tips and caps, radiator caps, custom tips, custom caps

Solve a variety of
vibration, shock and
noise control problems

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Complete online catalog to assist in your selection of a LORD solution                    

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