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Blind Grommets
Grommets with their inside diameter closed off with rubber membrane is a blind grommet.

We have a wide selection of ring products in our warehouse and easy access to many more. From automobiles construction to making airtight containers, our o-rings and rubber seals are useful in many areas. Our rubber and sponge washers and spacers help silence vibrations and limit stress on contacting parts. Our vast selection and access to these parts allows us to provide them to you at a very affordable price.

O-rings: We have a huge selection of o-rings in our warehouse and access to virtually any size. O-rings are a functional part with much utility. We carry silicon, viton, Teflon, buna-n, and other rubber o-rings. Contact a member of our sales department if there is a specific type of o-ring about which you would like to inquire. 

Door seals, lid seals, and oil seals: Although we do not have as large of a supply of door and lid seals as we do of other products, this is certainly a product that we have easy means to attain or manufacture. Feel free to contact us if you have a specific request regarding the specifications of one of these seals or of any other.

Part Number ID CS Matl-l Duro
9900000235-002 0.187 0.031 BN 70
9900001966-001 0.562 0.094 VI 75
9900001966-002 1-1/2 1/8 VI 75
9900005204-001 66.7 2.6 Flu Sil 70
10000754-001 2.25 2.698 BN 70
10000754-002 1.34 1.64 VI 50

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