Micro-Mount™ - Small and Soft Vibration Isolation

Published on Apr 18, 2020 | by Mid Atlantic Rubber

Mid-Atlantic Rubber is proud to highlight our small vibration and isolation mounts. Isolating electronic components and other light-weight electronic equipment from shock and vibration at the circuit board level is what the MicroMount series from LORD is designed to do. With LORD isolators, you no longer compromise between reliability, performance and durability – LORD offers you the solution to isolation.

Made of BTR® (Broad Temperature Range) silicone bonded to stainless-steel, these vibration mounts are ideal for harsh environment applications - such as those that require consistent performance at extreme temperatures. And, the combination of this unique, high-end silicone with stainless-steel components assures the easy installation of these vibration isolators in a wide range of applications.

Micro-Mounts also function as terrific shock mounts – protecting electronic components in demanding applications and product qualification drop testing. The mounts have been shown to reduce board-level acceleration levels by up to 200 times when compared to hard-mounting electronic components. Micro-Mounts are the isolator of choice when electronic components are faced with severe applications that require extended service life.


  • Printed circuit boards (PCB)
  • Hard disk drives / hard drives (HDD)
  • Small fans and blowers
  • Optoelectronics
  • Sensitive electronic components and devices

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