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Mid-Atlantic Rubber is your supplier for LORD Corporation's elastomeric flexible couplings that offer the most comprehensive package of benefits available to the powertrain designer. LORD Corporation's product lines include five different flexible coupling styles which cover a wide range of application requirements. Both main drive flexible flywheel couplings (connecting the engine or motor to a transmission, pump, compressor, or generator) and accessory drive flexible couplings (connecting starters, alternators, fans, blowers, power take-offs, etc.) are available in a host of custom designs and standard product variations.

Elastomeric flexible couplings prolong driveline component life because they reduce the magnitude of imposed loads, attenuate vibration in multiple planes, accommodate misalignments in multiple planes, and act as barriers impeding noise created by meshing gears, engaging clutches, etc. Elastomeric flexible couplings are also maintenance free. They require no lubrication or other maintenance throughout their service life.


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Dynaflex® Elastomeric Flexible Couplings
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