Protecting Customer’s Product During Shipping

Engineered Solutions

We supply molded hoses, insulation gaskets and various seals to a commercial dishwashing and warewashing oem.

During a routine visit, they shared a challege. Their products are built to specification, they are all energy efficient and built to last, but they were encountering challenges. Accidental damage when shipping finished product to customers and or to dealers. They showed us how the finshed product is wrapped and strapped to pallets. It all looked fine and normal. The weak point was determined to be related to the product legs.

We produced a ldpe foot pad which can accomdate both styles of feet offered. The finished product is placed into these pads then placed on pallets. The foot pads are then stapled to pallet. The product itself is wrapped in normal protective material and is strapped to pallet.

These foot pads are economical solution to significantly reduce accidental damage. The last aspect is these foot pads are reusable.