Altec Industries

Engineered Solutions

Altec Industries (Market Leading Utility Truck Manufacturer)

We produce and supply 195 parts. There are high volume and low volume parts. 171 are custom/application specific. We supply this customer’s 26 different locations- manufacturing, service centers and parts distribution points around the globe.

From the onset of our relationship (2004) we provided significant cost savings to 50-60 pre-existing parts. We mold blended silicone parts which providing highly engineered non-conductive performance protecting operators who work in extreme dangerous environments We mold and extrude various wear reducing parts providing very high durability. We die cut and water jet cut large and small gaskets and seals protecting sensitive electronics and equipment controllers We supply engineered vibration isolators produced by Lord Corporation..

We solved their long standing problems with molded Delrin parts which are complex geometries. Delrin parts are typically machined. This is a less efficient and significantly more expensive method. Molding Delrin without fiberglass fibers (for molecular structure reinforcement) produces parts which can deform days even weeks later. We worked together to fix these 8 or so parts. In developing the process to maintain geometric forms post cure, we recognized how we could further assist our customer- Once these parts were received at customer’s facilities, they had to press fitting Oilite bushings into multiple parts and insert a stainless steel pin into one. As an extension of providing 100% proper molded Delrin parts, we went out and sourced Oilite bushings and stainless steel pins which was more cost effective (cost savings). We press fit these bushings This provided guaranteed flow of proper parts- the press fit bushings would not fit properlyaligned