Cooling Tower Driveshaft - Flex Bushing

Driveshaft - Flex Bushing

Standard driveshafts are described as “floating” shafts, equipped with flexible couplings at both ends. Shafts are fabricated of tubular stainless steel or carbon fiber. The yokes and flanges which connect to the motor and geareducer shafts are HDG steel or stainless steel.

Driveshafts are full-floating assemblies with non-lubricated flexible couplings on each end. Their tolerance to misalignment and torsional shock is unequalled in nonspecialized units. Cooling tower driveshafts are dynamically balanced at the factory to minimize operating vibrations.

It is very important that driveshafts be properly balanced. Imbalance not only causes tower vibration, and excessive wear on the mechanical equipment coupled to the shaft. Most cooling tower driveshafts operate at speeds approaching 1800 rpm. At these speeds, it is necessary that the shafts be dynamically balanced. Replacing the Flex-Bushing will increase the driveshaft's operational life.